Must Read: The Great Reset

Must Read: The Great Reset

The young generation of strategic marketeers know better than most that this is a tipping point moment we live in. They are stepping up to the plate big time - with courage, conviction, passion and energy - to enrol and mobilise those who have great power and influence in their industry to embrace this moment, post the COVID-19 emergency, to embrace and help create the Great Reset on climate change. This is an inspiring and practical guide as to “how to” move forward. It’s a must read, but more so having done so, a must ACT moment for all of us, on our own behalf, in our business communities, with our clients. The writers tell us of their own personal choice and invite each of us to make a personal choice at a moment when we have a beautiful opportunity for change. The book for me is a rainbow, full of hope and help. Read it and wake to the choices we can make in our profession as communicators.

Ita Gibney, Chairman

Read The Great Reset here